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100% Satisfaction Guarantee /  Return Policy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee




  1. Upon receipt immediately inspect the shipment and note any damages to the crate or package with the shipping carrierprior to opening it.

  2. Upon opening the crate or package notify Barbel Smith Gallery  immediately of any damaged or defective artwork by calling 1-289-251-2363

This does not apply to "off the wall" art purchases from art exhibitions or purchases from other galleries that carry our work as they have their own policies, nor prints purchased from our Print Gallery Store which are covered by a different policy available on that website (though it also carries a 100% guarantee). Please contact the corresponding gallery directly where you received the artwork from. 

Artwork Exchange Policy - This applies to any original painting (excluding commissions) purchased from our gallery that if you find your painting does not work in your space you have up to 6 months to exchange it for another piece of similar cost that you find more suitable.

You can either come to the gallery in person or make arrangements by contacting us. (This excludes all prints from our print store and artwork purchased from other galleries)

Original Artwork Return Policy

From the time you receive your original artwork from our couriers, you have seven (7) days to decide whether to keep the work or return the artwork in its original condition for a refund.  

We also require all returned artwork to be shipped out by the buyer within three (3) days after confirming with us that the work will be returned. So, if you receive artwork you’ve purchased from Bärbel Smith Gallery and are not fully satisfied, you have: 

  1. Ten (10) days to contact us about your intent to return the work

  2. Five (5) days from the day you contacted us to ship out the artwork. ***Do not ship the artwork before contacting us; you must first contact us.***

If you do not notify us of your intent to return the work within 10 days of receipt or you do not ship the work within 5 days of notifying us, you will NOT be eligible for a refund. (Some exceptions will apply. Please contact us for an assessment of your specific situation.)


How to Return an Original, Undamaged Work

Step 1 – Within ten (10) days of your merchandise delivery date, please call  289-251-2363 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST Monday through Saturday or email to give us your order information and the reason for wanting to return the work.

Step 2 – Repackage the artwork using the original packaging materials used. If you’ve already disposed of the original packaging, you’ll be responsible for purchasing packaging materials to send the artwork back safely to us. 


Step 3 – Email to complete the return process by letting us know the shipping details..

Once the piece safely reaches Bärbel Smith Gallery we will will process your return and the amount owed will be refunded to your original source of payment in the same currency and using the same exchange rate as your original order (minus shipping costs and international customs fees, if any) within 7-10 business days of your merchandise return. Additional shipping fees may apply for international returns. 

What to Do If the Artwork Arrives Damaged

Step 1 – 

  1. Upon receipt immediately inspect the shipment and note any damages to the crate or package with the shipping carrierprior to opening it.

  2. Upon opening the crate or package notify us immediately of any damaged or defective artwork by calling 1-289-251-2363.  or email us at 

Step 2 - Save original packaging!

Step 3 - Take photos of damaged artwork and packaging. Please email these photos to

Step 4 - a representative will contact you to discuss next steps.

About Shipping Costs

We examine all returns on a case-by-case basis in order to determine who is responsible for paying all costs (shipping and customs) required to return artwork. Generally, if we determine that the artwork was accurately described on our site (in terms of size, materials used, weight, etc.) and the collector is returning it as a result of buyer's remorse, then the collector is held responsible for return costs.

If the artwork is not as described, or if the artwork was damaged as a result of poor packaging, the collector will not be responsible for shipping costs.

Please Note:  All of the above conditions apply only to artwork purchased at Barbel Smith Gallery directly and excludes commissions, artwork from our Print store and any artwork purchased from other galleries.

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